Io Saturnalia!

I’ve always enjoyed giving gifts and I try to give them year round. The joy on another person’s face when they receive an unexpected gift is something that cannot be duplicated. This is the time of year when I make sure I donate to charities. I am grateful for my job and so I try to give presents that people will actually like and want instead of a “thought that counts” sort of gift.

I’ve decided that this year for Saturnalia, I am going to bake my coworkers cookies. Baked goods are always appreciated and there is no meat, so I don’t need to bring in a second dish for the vegetarians. They’re not going to be anything like what the Romans may have eaten and there won’t be a token inside one of them to mark a king or queen for a day, but they will be delicious.

I am not a Hellenic pagan, but I am using this as a focus to get back to my spirituality. See, every so often, I start questioning my faith and my path and my gods. Normally, that’s a good thing, but it discourages me. So I do my best to ignore Them until I can’t anymore. I am a bad pagan, but I hope to become a better one.

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