Happy Yule!

Warmest Yule wishes this season as we move quickly toward a new year. I have had the day off and to myself today. For once, I feel accomplished. I have spent some time cleaning and making everything feel clean and new as the world is poised to spend more time in the sunlight. I am not usually in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions, but I think today is an appropriate time to make one anyway. I resolve to reforge my connection with the gods. I will be a better pagan and I will honor my gods as best I can.

I do not have an altar set up because of space constraints, so I performed my ritual in the kitchen. It is the cleanest room in the house right now and I have just finished baking Saturnalia/Yule/Solstice cookies for my coworkers so it smells absolutely wonderful. The kitchen is where the, ahem, magic happens anyway. I do not practice magic like some of my pagan brethren, but I love to cook and I especially love to bake.

I decided to wing my Yule ritual, so I gathered water, sea salt and matches. They represented three of the four elements. The fourth, air, came from me gently blowing into my libation bowl. Air from my lungs. If the gift is good enough for the Doctor to give, it is good enough for me to offer. And, as a personal gift from me, a portion of hard cider. I honored my gods and made a promise like my resolution above. For those of you not heathen or versed in heathen ways, promises, especially before the gods, are considered sacred. You should never make one unless you are prepared to keep it. Doubly so if you invoke Tyr. I offered my libations to the gods. To the wights and land spirits, I left a fresh baked cookie and a generous portion of cider outside.

I feel confident and happy. For the first time in a very long time, I have presented myself to the gods. I don’t know if they will have me back, but I promise that I will work to prove myself to them, even if it takes my entire life.

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One Response to Happy Yule!

  1. What a wonderful day! Happy Yule and a Blessed new year! 🙂

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