Happy Ostara!

Happy Ostara and Vernal Equinox one day late! This is a festival of growth and fertility. The plants are returning, flowers are blooming and animals are horny little creatures. That could not be more evident around my home. The day before the equinox we had such a rain storm. The rain began around dinner and lasted well into the night. There was thunder and lightning and a good, soaking rain, the sort a dry southern state always desperately needs. The next day, the equinox, there was new life everywhere. The grass was greener than I had seen in a long time and flowers were beginning to bloom. Freyr has blessed us with an auspicious beginning of spring. I take it as a good sign for what is to come this season.

And look! A happy little egg to welcome the new spring!

Hail Freyr, most exalted of the Aesir courts
and husband to Gerd,
who makes no maiden weep,
who rides Gullinbursti
and wields no weapon!
I thank you for the rain
that was bestowed upon us.
May it increase the fertility
and encourage new growth.
May it bring life to a parched land.
May we all come to see water
as a precious gift
and work to revitalize the land
that was once so fertile.

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