Happy Beltane!

Today is a day of fertility. When I lived in the north, May is the month that last frost dates begin and so we would begin getting the soil ready for planting by spreading compost and wood chips. We would begin planting annuals and waiting for the perennials to return. Many trees were already green by the first of May with little buds of leaves, but wild plants would be returning. In a month, the first plants would blossom. Birds would be making nests and preparing for chicks and our yard would be teeming with life.

The south is a little different. It’s been green here for months. We never had a winter, so it’s been green for a very long time. Allergies started earlier this year too. Without a good freeze, the trees began releasing pollen earlier than normal. Everywhere I look in the city, I see signs of life. It’s been raining lately, or at least trying. The grass is finally green where there are no sprinklers. Birds are beginning to court and build nests. I saw an English sparrow nest in one of the letters of my store this afternoon. Yesterday, I saw two hawks where I usually only see one. I hope that is fortuitous and I hope that means that there will be baby hawks soon.

I ask Freyja and Bragi for fertility this year. This is where I break with many pagans asking for the same thing. I ask that the energy my body would have used during gestation to be used in my creative pursuits. I ask that Freyja rekindles my passion for my love of art and music and all things creative. I ask that Bragi guide my hand and my tongue, that I may write beautiful words that inspire, enrage, captivate or transform my readers.

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